Level 9 Part 3


Logos Quiz Answers Level 9 Part 3 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 9 part 3

1. Walls – Single line forming two red hearts

2. Energizer – Black rectangle with a red and yellow stripe at the bottom

3. Ubuntu – Orange circle with three people holding hands (three dots and three curves in white)

4. KitKat – Red square with a white oval inside

5. Monopoly – Man with top hat and cane logo on a red rectangle

6. Reddit – Character or man with orange eyes and one hair sticking up

7. Kangol – Blue kangaroo facing to the right

8. Mares – “M” with a red triangle below it (arrow pointing down)

9. LG – Pink circle with “L”, “G” and a dot inside

10. Blogger – Orange box with a white “B” in the center (rounded corners)

11. Holiday Inn – Green square with a white “H” logo

12. Pritt – Shape that looks like an open book in red with a black line at the bottom

13. Marvel – Red rectangle with a white “M” inside on the left

14. Ministry of Sound – Grided black globe with a black crown above it and two curved lines (one on each side)

15. Martini – Black rectangle and a red circle with a yellow border

16. Dainese – Red arrow with two white triangles inside (pointing down)

17. MySpace – Blue square with three people icons inside (three white circles)

18. Longines – Set of wings and “S” in blue lettering

19. Bandai – Red box with “N” and “I” inside on the right (square)

20. Playskool – Red oval with white “P” and “L” letters

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