Level 9 Part 2


Logos Quiz Answers Level 9 Part 2 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 9 part 2

1. Sprint – Five yellow lines in the shape or a fan or arrow

2. Capcom – Yellow and blue “co”

3. McAfee – Red shield with a white “M” in the middle

4. Lindt – Cursive gold “L” with a gold line under it

5. The Olympic Games – Five (5) Blue, yellow, black, green and red rings connected together.

6. Castelli – White scorpion in a white circle logo

7. Stanford – Red tree inside a circle with six stars

8. Arena – Three black diamonds forming an arrow pointing down

9. Ubisoft – Gradient blue circle with a white swirl inside

10. Dakar Rally – Black lines in the shape of a man’s head with an arabic scarf or head covering

11. Oxford – Three gold crowns in a blue circle background symbol

12. Western Union – Yellow square with a black stripe and two yellow “N’s” on the right side

13. Fisher Price – Red banner with a white “F” inside on the left

14. Oceanic Airways – Blue circle surrounded by pink dots with a larger pink dot in the center

15. Cambridge – Red shield with a white cross logo

16. Paypal – Dark blue “y” and lighter blue “P”

17. Playmobil – Blue face in a semicircle

18. Superman – Red “S” in a gold shield (looks 3D)

19. Orbit – Dark and light blue semi circles together

20. Oral B – Blue background with a white “B” inside on the far right side

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Tip: If you get stuck on this level and need a little help getting an answer, start thinking about colleges and educational institutions. Level 9 starts to shift away from the airlines and adds in a few schools and other consumer brands.

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