Level 9 Part 1


Logos Quiz Answers Level 9 Part 1 for iPhone and iPad

logo quiz answers level 9 part 1

When you are ready, the answers for level 9part 1 of Logo Quiz are listed below:

1. Snickers – Red rectangle logo with “S” at the end in blue text

2. Yves Rocher – White “Y” and “R” in a green circle

3. Fruit of the Loom – Red apple between green and purple grapes

4. Juicy Couture – Two dogs with a crown (black)

5. Pacha – Two red cherries with green stems

6. Batman – Black bat inside a yellow oval

7. Nixon – Black teardrop shape with grey symbol inside

8. Seiko – Blue “S” and “O” in uppercase lettering with white space between them

9. Rockstar – Yellow star with “RR” in the middle

10. Sergio Tacchini – Overlapping blue “S” and white “T”

11. Faber Castell – Two knights jousting on blue horses forming the company logo

12. Best Western – Red “W” on a blue background with a yellow border

13. Red Cross – Bold red plus sign

14. Zippo – “Zi” with the dot on the “i” on fire or shown as a flame

15. Deloitte – Blue “tte” and a green dot

16. Ghostbusters – White ghost in a red circle with a slash through it

17. Avis – Uppercase red “V” and “S” with a small space between the two letters

18. Mustang – Black horse over a red, white, and blue vertical line

19. Bosch – Metallic silver circle with what looks like an “H” inside

20. Oxfam – Light green circle with white “ox” in the center

Congratulations, you have the Logo Quiz answers level 9, part 1! You can use the related guides below to complete the remaining three sections.

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Tip: You will need to complete at least 4 full levels prior to unlocking level 9. This is not the case earlier in the game where getting a significant percentage answered correctly was good enough to advance. If you are having trouble unlocking it, go back and fill in some of your missing ones and it should open up for you.

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