Level 8 Part 3


Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 3 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 8 part 3

1. Kelme – Black paw print logo with claws

2. China Southern – Blue airplane wing with a red symbol on it and Chinese writing

3. Singapore Airlines – Gold bird made from three gold lines

4. Spanair – Orange and blue flag – appears to be waving

5. US Airways – Grey American flag (U.S.)

6. Mikasa – Blue “IK” with a star above it

7. Bank of China – Pink circle with a square in the center and a line through it

8. Merril Lynch – Blue bull with one leg off the ground

9. Kenzo – “K” and “Z” made from black lines

10. Lloyds – Black horse in a blue and green background box

11. Joma – Blue eagle facing left

12. KLM – Light blue crown with four dots

13. Caterham – Hollow grey text

14. Tous – White teddy bear logo

15. Absolut Vodka – “Country of Sweden” with “ta”

16. Sun Microsystems – Four blue “S’s” in the shape of a diamond or square

17. Mahindra – Red-orange circle or oval that appears to have a road going through it

18. Petro China – Star burst or sun ray pattern with six yellow-gold pieces and a solid red bottom

19. Adio – Black and white curve above a solid black shape

20. Cathay Pacific – Blue rectangle with a red line at the bottom and a white streak, arrow, or check mark in the middle.

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