Level 8 Part 2


Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 2 for iPhone and iPad

logo quiz answers level 8 part 2

1. Swiss – Two red squares “international” logo with a white plus sign inside

2. Emirates – Arabic symbol with the letter “E”

3. Continental Airlines – Partial globe in a blue square with blue letters “l” and “s” on the left side

4. Reusch – Red “sch” lettering

5. Royal Bank of Scotland – Four blue arrows pointing together to form the company logo

6. Philip Morris – Two gold lions with a red oval and a gold crown

7. Vivo – Blue stickman or cut out

8. Maybach – Two overlapping black “M’s” in a gold triangle or shield

9. Malaysia Airlines – Split red and blue-purple symbol that looks like a tropical fish facing left

10. Vauxhall – Red circle with a bird inside the logo holding a flag with the letter “V” on it

11. NTT Docomo – Red “do” with “NTT” above it

12. Mercury – Two silver circles with three silver lines in the center

13. Southwest Airlines – Red and blue airplane

14. South African Airways – Red, green, and purple airplane wing with a gold dot and arrow

15. Redhat – Black circle and a man with a red hat

16. Carlsberg – Green wavy line under word ending with a green “g”

17. TNT – Three orange circles connected together

18. Best Buy – Yellow price tag with a black “Y” in the lower right corner

19. Gulf Air – Gold eagle with spread wings facing left

20. Standard Chartered – Blue and green twisted lines

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