Level 8 Part 1


Logos Quiz Answers Level 8 Part 1 for iPhone and iPad

logo quiz answers level 8 part 1

If you need answers for other sections, please see the related pages below. Here are the Logo Quiz Answers Level 8, part 1.

1. Wrangler – “W” “a” “g” “r” in black text

2. Cohiba – Split black and yellow rectangle with a checkered pattern on the top half

3. GMC – Black square with a white “M” in the middle

4. Novotel – Blue box with a yellow line and “N”, “L” in white text on the inside bottom corners

5. HSBC – Red hexagon with white triangles logo

6. Portugalia Airlines – Green and red streaks around a yellow semi circle that resembles a setting sun

7. Santana – White star on a blue background

8. Smirnoff – Two silver birds with a crown and a red stripe across the front

9. Lotus – Yellow circle with green triangle and letters “cabc”

10. Hummel – Black and white design that looks like a face

11. Morgan – Silver wings with a blue cross or plus in the middle

12. Kawasaki – Thick red “K” with a thin line connecting the two sides

13. BBVA – Single blue uppercase “A”

14. Saturn – Red box with a silver border and two curved crossing lines that resemble the rings around Saturn

15. Qatar Airways – Circle made from grey or silver lines with a red or maroon gazelle

16.¬†All Nippon Airways - Slanted blue slash that looks like an “i” or “l”

17. British Airways – Blue “H” with red and blue line

18. Electric – Black lightning bolt in a circle logo

19. Vans – Uppercase black “V” with a black line extending from the upper right side

20. Teka – Red “Ti” together with the dot above the “T”

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That’s it, those are the correct Logo Quiz level 8 answers¬†for part 1! As you can see, level 8 starts with a good mix of airlines, car companies, and other well-known brands. Don’t let this fool you into thinking you will be able to answer all of the questions without using any help or hints. It does get harder in the next section!

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