Level 7 Part 3


Logos Quiz Answers Level 7 Part 3 for iPhone and iPad

logo quiz answers level 7 part 3

1. Price Waterhouse Coopers – Series of red, orange, and yellow rectangles

2. Electrolux – Black square with a white circle inside and a symbol in the middle

3. Alcatel – Grey rectangle with an orange triangle above it and the letter “A”, “A”, and “L”

4. Quiznos – Red and green “Q” (uppercase)

5. Amstrad – Grey rectangle with a red stripe and letter “R” in white

6. China Unicom – Red design that looks like two hearts tied together

7. Bentley – Silver wings with a black circle logo

8. Element – Black circle with a tree and broken outer circle

9. Fujifilm – Red “F” with a red arrow

10. Caterpillar – Solid yellow triangle

11. Compaq – Red “c” and “q” text with white space in the middle

12. Asiana Airlines – Red arrow with rounded corners at the end of each line

13. Sharp – Red “RP” in thin uppercase font

14. Polaroid – Multi-color square logo

15. Airwalk – White “A” in a red circle

16. Chubu Electric Power – Orange and red shape that looks like a fan or feathers

17. Ritz Carlton – Blue crown with a lion on the top

18. Star Alliance – Five silver triangles forming a star or circle

19. Kronenbourg – Gold oval divided into alternating red and white sections with two lions and a crown

20. Milton Bradley – Red “M” and blue “B” in a black square or box

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That section featured a good mix of companies from around the world. As you can see, it isn’t good enough to just master the brands in your home country if you want to master this game. Tip: Try to get the local ones first without using any hints, that way you can get as much help as possible on the international logo questions without having to jump to the walkthrough or cheat right away.

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