Level 7 Part 2


Logos Quiz Answers Level 7 Part 2 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 7 part 2

1. Comedy Central – Three black buildings in a red circle

2. Target – Red target, looks like a white circle inside a red circle

3. Reuters – Spiral of gold dots

4. Aegon – Blue square with “A” and “E” and a black line under it

5. Yoigo – Yellow “Y” and orange “O” ┬áseparated by white space

6. Infiniti – Metallic silver oval with an arrow at the bottom

7. CBS – White eye shape in a black circle

8. Orange – Orange square with “e” (white)

9. Mazda – Metallic silver oval with silver wings in the middle

10. Shoei – Black hexagon with “oei” inside in black letters

11. Saudi Arabian Airlines – Two swords and a palm tree logo in a blue square

12. China Telecom – Two blue “C’s” connected together

13. Deutsche Bank – Blue square with blue diagonal line

14. Iberia – Red and gold “B” with a crown

15. Rolls Royce – Three black rectangles with overlapping “R’s” inside

16. Royal Mail – Red rectangle with a crown logo (international)

17. Auntie Annes – Gold pretzel with a halo on top (halo floating above it)

18. ICBC – Red circle with two boxy lines or symbols inside

19. Activision – Black “TV” with a trailing black line from the “V”

20. Mobil – Red “o” and blue “l” with white space between

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