Level 7 Part 1


Logos Quiz Answers Level 7 Part 1 for iPhone and iPad

logo quiz answers level 7 part 1

1. Carolina Herrera – Red “C” black “H”

2. T Mobile – Pink “T” with four grey squares in a line through the center

3. Slazenger – Black cat jumping or lunging to the right

4. Airness – Black cat (tiger) walking and facing to the right

5. Banco Do Brasil – Blue line forming what looks like two stacked diamonds or a knot

6. Isuzu – Red “Is” lettering

7. Symantec – Yellow circle with a black check mark logo

8. Carrefour – White “C” on a red and blue box that appears to form a red and blue arrow

9. Kappa – Two people sitting back to back

10. Oakley – Black oval shaped “O”

11. Safeway – Red circle with a white “S” in the middle

12. Mattel – Jagged circular red seal with a white “M” and “L”

13. PBS – White head in a black circle

14. Nitro – Small black tire with a flat bottom edge

15. Tata – Blue oval with a white “T” in the center

16. Showtime – Red circle with “Sho” in white text

17. Kyocera – Series of red and white triangles with two red arrows on the right side

18. Brita – Blue rectangle with blue and white dots forming a square inside on the left

19. Rollerblade – Broken black circle made or two curves and a rollerblade logo

20. Air Canada – Leaf in a red circle (red maple leaf)

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How did you do? This part had a few tough ones but wasn’t overly difficult. Keep up the momentum and see how many questions you can answer without using the walkthrough or cheats.

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