Level 6 Part 4


Logos Quiz Answers Level 6 Part 4 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 6 part 4

1. Prada – Black rope with four knots and the letter “R”

2. Alitalia – Green and red “A” logo

3. KPMG – (4) Four blue squares with a white “K” (boxes)

4. Repsol – Split orange and pink circle with two lines through the center

5. Stella Artois – Red shield with gold trim design and a horn above it

6. Rabobank – Blue man walking on orange compass or sundial logo

7. Danone – Light blue glow coming from a red arc over a dark blue background

8. Paco Rabanne – White “r” inside a black “P”

9. Abn Amro – Turquoise shield shape with a yellow triangle inside on the right

10. Clinique – Bold black “C” over two lines with a “C” and “E” between them

11. Amstel – Gold circle with a split red and white circle inside (ring)

12. Roche – Blue hexagon with “R” and “e” in the middle

13. Hasbro – Turquoise box with a white half moon and “Ha” letters inside (square)

14. Shiseido – Red “S” “S” “O” letters

15. Bvlgari – Black “BV” text in a thin font

16. Maggi – Thick red teardrop with orange border trim around the outside

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It’s time to move on to level 7! You’re about halfway through the game, keep up the good work. It starts to get harder here so you may need to use a few cheats and hints in the next round.

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