Level 6 Part 3


Logos Quiz Answers Level 6 Part 3 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 6 part 3

1. Hankook – Three curved red lines forming an arrow pointing left

2. Mont Blanc – White star in a black circle

3. Texaco – Red circle with white star and a “T” in it

4. Kraft – Blue “T” in a red oval

5. Dior – – Uppercase black “D” with a lowercase “r”

6. Mac – Stretched uppercase black “A” with two dots

7. Home Depot – Orange square with “H” “T” “D” inside

8. Diahatsu – Red box with a white “D” logo (square)

9. China Mobile – Blue circle with white lines forming a symbol that looks like cupped hands

10. Walmart – Blue “W” with a yellow star

11. Pioneer – Smooth looping uppercase “P” and lowercase “e” in red text

12. Fanta – Orange circle with a green leaf

13. Pelikan – White pelican in a blue circle logo

14. Staedtler – Blue spartan head made from three shapes – looking left

15. Disney Channel – Blue mouse ears on a orange-yellow square with rounded corners (three blue circles)

16. Bugatti – Red oval with a black “B” inside and a dotted border

17. Stumbleupon – Green and blue circle with “SU” in the center in white text

18. USPS – White eagle in a blue rectangle facing right

19. Man – Silver semi circle with the word “MAN” inside (metallic)

20. Cacharel – Silver “ch”

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After several sections that favored players outside of the United States, this series of companies featured a few household names and brands that many users with kids would likely recognize. There were even a few throwback names in that collection! Enjoy it while you can because another round of difficult levels is ahead.

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