Level 6 Part 2


Logos Quiz Answers Level 6 Part 2 for iPhone and iPad

logo quiz answers level 6 part 2

1. Dickies – Yellow horseshoe in a red oval background with a blue banner

2. Airberlin – Red oval with a white symbol in the middle and an “a” – Looks like an airplane wing or fin

3. Perrier – Dark green circle with yellow or gold stripe behind it

4. Etihad – Symbol with gold “Airways” text below

5. Telenor – Blue propeller logo – three blades

6. Ssangyong – Curved blue wings

7. Hugo Boss – Black “SS’ letters

8. ATP – Blue man with tennis racket in a dark blue box – slightly rounded corners

9. Gatorade – Orange lightning bolt through a white text box

10. BT – Purple, red, orange, green, blue, circle (sphere or globe)

11. Novartis – Curved orange and yellow lines around a blue arrow or spike pointing down

12. Zara – Black uppercase letters “Z” and “R”

13. Helena Rubinstein – Grey “HR” logo connected in the middle

14. Iberdrola – Green, blue, orange leaves (leaf)

15. General Electric – Solid blue circle with cursive “GE” in the center

16. Anon – Black letter “A” tipped sideways

17. Lada – Blue oval with white letter

18. Airbus – Three blue lines curved with two white semi circles

19. Hermes – Orange horse and carriage with man

20. Versace – Human face on a coin like background (black)

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Don’t feel bad in you needed help on this level! In fact, I only got the right answer on 5 questions the first time I tried it without using any hints. Get used to the challenge though because the common company logos are just about history at this stage of the game.

Keep your cheats and walkthrough resources handy from here on out! Unless you have an unbelievable memory and a vast knowledge of global companies, you may find yourself stumped at times.

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