Level 6 Part 1


Logos Quiz Answers Level 6 Part 1 for iPhone and iPad

logo quiz answers level 6 part 1

1. Salomon – Blue swirl with a white circle in the center

2. Adecco – Red rectangle with “AC” letters in white – rounded corners on the background box

3. CNET – Solid red circle with a “C” in it (white lettering)

4. Finnair – Blue square with a white “F” – gradient curve and tail extending from the letter

5. Stabilo – Swan in a red circle

6. Sheraton – Blue “S” in a wreath

7. Birdhouse – Thick black looping lowercase “b” letter

8. BASF – Grey square and a black “B” logo

9. ZTE – Blue “E” with two black symbols next to it

10. Umbro – Two blue diamonds with white between them

11. Rolex – Gold crown with five points

12. Petronas – Turquoise teardrop with a circle inside and a triangle on the top right side

13. Citi – Two grey vertical lines with a red arch above them

14. UBS – Three black keys logo (Crossing)

15. Lee – Bumpy black uppercase letter “L”

16. Pontiac – Silver and red arrow pointing down with a plus or cross inside

17. BNP Paribas – Green square with four white stars – one looks like a bird near the top of the box

18. Milka – Purple square with a white “M” inside

19. Boeing – Blue circle with two blue streaks through it – one on the right side towards the bottom

20. Santander – Red circle with flame – circle appears flat

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Level 6 is by far the most difficult level of the Logos Quiz game so far. Don’t get discouraged if you are having a hard time. If you need help for this part or find yourself referring to the walkthrough frequently, you are not alone!

I had to take a break and play a little Angry Birds Space and Catapult King to give my brain a rest between sections. Using a few cheats here will help you get the correct answer on some of the less obvious brands.

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