Level 5 Part 4


Logos Quiz Answers Level 5 Part 4 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 5 part 4

1. Bradesco – Red square with white lines that cross and form the shape of a tree inside

2. NFL – Blue shield with a white football in the middle over a blue and white checker pattern

3. Staples – Red rectangle with a white “L” inside – tipped slightly off center

4. Sephora – Black square with a white “S” squiggle (black box)

5. American Airlines – Red and blue “A” logo with a blue eagle (uppercase letters)

6. ESPN – Red “SP” lettering with a white line through it

7. Nickelodeon – Orange splatter that looks like spilled paint

8. Esso – Blue oval with a red “o” in in on the right side

9. DCShoeCoUSA – Black “DC” with a star at the tip of the “C”

10. TomTom – Two red hands on a white on a ball, circle, globe or sphere logo

11. Lancia – Blue shield with a silver circle and outline – metallic look

12. Nespresso – Brown box with a white “N” in the middle

13. Blackberry – Seven (7) black curved dots arranged in a circular pattern

14. Olympus – Blue “oms” with a yellow line under it

15. Cartier – Black cursive “rt” and “r” lettering

16. Gucci – Two black uppercase “G’s” with one backwards – Looks like two overlapping rings

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Whew, you finally made it through level 5! That last part had a good mix of common company logos and a few tricky ones. The good news is that you are nearing the halfway point and making good progress towards mastering the game.

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