Level 5 Part 3


Logos Quiz Answers Level 5 Part 3 for iPhone and iPad

logo quiz answers level 5 part 3

1. Acer – Green “ac” in lowercase letters

2. Diadora – Black curved arrow pointing left

3. General Motors – Uppercase “GM” with a blue line under it

4. Le Coq Sportif – Black rooster in a triangle logo

5. Asics – Curved black lowercase letter “a”

6. Rotring – Red circle with a “g” – Be careful here! It’s not Target

7. Bank of America - Two blue lines and four red lines in a diamond shape

8. Samsonite – Grey spiral that looks like 4 half moons or two rings connected together

9. History Channel – Gold “H” in a red square with a gold border

10. Smart – Silver “C” with a yellow triangle (gold)

11. Volcom – Black spear tip

12. Lancome – Grey letters “LNOE”

13. Bic – Man with a pen in a yellow shirt

14. Columbia – Eight small blue rectangles making four blue squares

15. Unilever – Large blue “U” made up of smaller symbols

16. Pixar – Light and the letter “R” in black

17. Lacoste – Green alligator logo with an open mouth facing to the right

18. Sanyo – Red “N” with blurred edges

19. Old Navy – Blue oval with “O” and “N” in white lettering

20. Burberry – Black knight on a horse – appears to be jousting

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You’re almost done with level 5, just one more part to go! Hopefully you didn’t use up all of your hints because they keep getting harder as you move on. See how far you can get on your own and then ask a friend or refer to our walkthrough when you get frustrated or start seeing brands you’ve never heard of.

Tip: If you are having a tough time seeing the logos on your iPhone, tap the one you want a closer look at as if you were about to answer the question and the app will display a larger version that reveals much more detail. This can really help at times!

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