Level 5 Part 2


Logos Quiz Answers Level 5 Part 2 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 5 part 2

1. Goldman Sachs – Blue square with “GS” inside the box

2. Duracell – Black “ell” text

3. Diesel – The words “for successful living” in a red rectangle with the letters “D” and “L”

4. Siemens – Blue logo with two “S’s” and white space between them

5. Playboy – Black rabbit with a bow tie

6. Xbox – Grey circle with a green “X” inside

7. Camel – Black camel silhouette facing left

8. Delta – Two (2) red arrows pointing up

9. Schwarzkopf – Solid black silhouette of a man facing left

10. Castrol – Green and red circle inside a thin green border

11. Garnier – Green, yellow, and pink circles side by side

12. Yves Saint Laurent – Overlapping black “YSL”

13. John Smith – Red circle with a “C” facing backwards and a black background

14. Mizuno – White triangle inside a black symbol

15. ING – Orange lion laying down with its tail in the air

16. Rowenta – The letters “R” and “W” inside a rectangle with rounded corners

17. JVC – Large red “J” logo – hint: the company makes electronics

18. Logitech – Turquoise shape on the left with a red line and two metallic silver lines

19. Hyundai – Black “H” in a circle or oval shape

20. Easyjet – Lowercase orange “e” and uppercase letter “J”

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As you can see, some of these logos are getting much harder! Don’t feel bad if you had to rely on the hints and cheats to get the solutions for this portion. The game really throws some curve balls by hiding even some of the more common brands.

You’re making progress though! Just 2 more part to go in level 5 and you will be able to advance. Be sure to bookmark our walkthrough so you can return later if you decide to take a break.

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