Level 5 Part 1


Logos Quiz Answers Level 5 Part 1 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 5 part 1

1. Credit Suisse – “SS” with a blue triangle above it

2. Schweppes – Red crown and a yellow banner

3. Qantas – White kangaroo in a red triangle

4. Forum – Letter “f” in a black rectangle

5. American Express – Blue box with white text in the middle

6. Heinz – Green wavy line logo – squiggly

7. Ralph Lauren – Man on a horse playing polo – all black

8. Chase – Blue Octagon with a white square in the center

9. Barclays – Light Blue phoenix

10. BBC – Three black squares side by side

11. Mitsubishi – Three red diamonds arranged in the shape of a triangle

12. Saab – Red dragon in a blue circle

13. Hard Rock – The word “Cafe” in a yellow circle with red border

14. Lamborghini – Gold bull on a shield (black)

15. Lexus – Black “L” in a circle symbol

16. Kenwood – “W” with a red triangle above it

17. ATI – Black letters “ati” with the dot cut out of the “i” and used as part of the “T”

18. Fiba – Colored hands on a basketball logo over a black square background

19. Jaguar – Jumping cat facing to the left

20. Sprite – “i” with a yellow dot above it

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Hopefully you recognized most of those brands! There were a few tough ones in that group but most of them are pretty popular. Challenge yourself to get as many answers as you can before you look at the cheats for help.

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