Level 4 Part 4


Logos Quiz Answers Level 4 Part 4 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 4 part 4 walkthrough

1. Lincoln – Silver rectangle with cross

2. Gap – Blue rectangle with white “G”

3. Exxon – Two (2) red “x’s” logo

4. Kodak – Two red “K’s” between two yellow lines

5. Xerox – Red circle with white “x” insideĀ – also resembles a red globe with a white cross

6. Galp – Orange circle with white “G” in the middle

7. Roxy – Blue circle with hands making a heart in white

8. Porsche – Yellow shield with a black horse in the center

9. Glaxo Smith Kline – “gsk” in orange circle

10. Cadillac – Silver trim with red, gold, and blue shield in the middle

11. RyanAir – Blue square yellow angel harp

12. North Face – Red square with white mountain edge

13. Jeep – Green “J” and “P” with a space in the middle

14. Atomic – A smallĀ red arrow pointing up

15. Lucky Strike – Red circle in black outline

16. Lego – Red square with white letter “L” inside

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You made it! That is all of the Logo Quiz level 4 answers. Now you can start working on level 5. Tip: Save up as many hints as you can in case you need help. As a challenging variation to the game, try to complete a full puzzle without using a walkthrough or any cheats. Test your friends by comparing high scores.

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  1. Aeronniell Rose says

    Um for 4.4, Jeep doesn’t have a red arrow. It’s just “Jeep”. The red arrow is Atomic.