Level 4 Part 3


Logos Quiz Answers Level 4 Part 3 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 4 part 3

1. Corvette – Checkered flag and red flag

2. Dolby – Black rectangle with hourglass shape in the middle

3. Hertz – Black letters followed by a yellow “Z”

4. KFC – Man with moustache and bow tie in a red apron

5. Renault – Silver diamond shaped logo

6. Texas Instruments – Red Texas with “i” and “t” in the middle

7. Lufthansa – Solid yellow circle with a blue bird inside

8. United Airlines – Red and blue “U” letter with a thin white line between the two sides

9. Sega – Blue “S” with a thin white line through the center

10. Bayer – Open circle with “B”, Y”, “B” inside

11. Avon – “the company for women” with the letter “N”

12. BP – Green and yellow logo in the shape of a flower or sun

13. Tissot – “T” and a plus sign in a black and orange box

14. Fosters – Ref “f” in a circle or yellow “o” on a square blue background

15. Ray Ban – White “r” & “b” on a red background

16. Gordons – EST 1769 boars head logo in orange

17. Breil – Black oval rings connected together

18. Camper – MP on red background or red banner with white letters

19. Discovery Channel – Globe with a blue line or stripe

20. Burton – Thick curved black arrow

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You’re almost finished with level 4! See how many you can solve without using any help or cheats.┬áJust one more section to go and you can advance.

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