Level 4 Part 2


Logo Quiz Answers Level 4 Part 2 for iPhone and iPad

logo quiz answers level 4 part 2

1. Johnnie Walker – Outline of a man walking

2. NATO – Blue square with a white x logo and circle – crosshairs inside

3. Gillette – “ll” and “tt” in black letters

4. Ariel – Yellow, blue, and green pattern – looks like 3 rings

5. FIFA – Two (2) globes together in a soccer ball pattern

6. DHL – Yellow rectangle with red letters

7. Rip Curl – Curved red wave

8. Billabong – Two black boxes with rounded corners and a design inside

9. Dragon – Black dragon in a circle

10. Hummer – Uppercase black “MM”

11. Fox – Orange circle with white “i” in the middle

12. Rexona – Connected letters “ex” in black

13. Bridgestone – Black and red “B” logo with a thin border

14. Vodafone – Upside down red comma in a white circle

15. Aquafina – Blue mountain with orange sun or red circle

16. Bluetooth – Blue semi circle with design above

17. Ellesse – Red and orange semi circle with the letters “SS” below

18. Subway – Two (2) green arrows in the outline of text

19. Dr. Pepper – Empty red oval

20. Fiat – Metallic silver circle with a red center

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