Level 4 Part 1

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Here are the correct Logos Quiz answers for level 4 part 1 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch:

logo quiz level 4 part 1

1. Nikon – Yellow square with white stripes and black “N”

2. TDK – Cluster of blue and white triangles

3. Tag Heuer – Shield with a slit green and red interior

4. Wella – Outline of a woman with red flowing hair

5. Winston – White bird in a red box background

6. Goodyear – Black shoe with wings

7. Wifi – Split black and white oval

8. MG – Gold octagon with a red border

9. Haagen Dazs – Curly red emblem with a white background

10. Iveco – Blue letters “I” and “V”

11. Movistar – Smooth green and yellow “M”

12. Hilton – Blue letter “H” inside an open circular swirl

13. Reef – Green 2 part symbol

14. Zurich – White “Z” inside a solid blue circle

15. Anic – Black 3 dimensional looking box with open white sides

16. Peugeot – Silver lion figure logo

17. Paramount – White mountain inside a black circle

18. Piaggio – Blue hexagon with a silver border and a silver symbol inside

19. Motorola – Solid blue circle with a triangular white letter “M” in the center

20. Air France – Small “E” with a red mark

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