Level 3 Part 4

This game can be fun and frustrating at the same time!

Are you starting to see a few that you don’t immediately recognize? This guide will help you get the right solutions to the final part of level 3 for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad versions of the app.

Here are the Logos Quiz answers to level 3 part 4:

logo quiz answers level 3 part 4

1. Ducati – Solid red shield with a white streak across it

2. Oracle – Red “O” and “E”

3. EA – Silver circle with the word “Sports” inside in blue lettering

4. Maserati – Silver oval half filled with blue and containing a red emblem

5. Land Rover – Solid green oval with a thin border

6. Speedo – Red arrow

7. Guinness – Solid black square with white lettering

8. Mini – Black circle with silver wings

9. Pfizer – Solid blue oval with white “f” and “i”

10. National Geographic – Yellow box with the word “channel” in black

11. New Balance – Red letter “N” with white stripes and a red uppercase “B”

12. WWF – Panda bear logo

13. Blizzard – Two blue Z’s

14. THQ – Tilted black box with a white letter “H” in the center above a red line

15. Knorr – Thick wavy white line with yellow trim across a green background

16. Timberland – Yellow-orange tree in a circle

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