Level 3 Part 3

Logo Quiz Game Answers – Level 3 Part 3 for iPad and iPhone

1. Fila – Red and blue letter “f”

2. Lays – Yellow and gold circle with a red banner

3. Evian – Three blue triangles on top of a circle

4. John Deere – Yellow deer on a green background

5. Visa – Blue letter “V” with a yellow-orange tip on the left side

6. Nestle – Blue bird in a nest

7. Dominos – Two red squares with domino patters above a blue rectangle

8. Dove – Silver gray outline of a dove

9. Accenture – Small blue letter “t” with a symbol above

10. Volvo – Silver circle with an arrow pointing to the right with a blue rectangle in the center

11. Firefox – Orange fox wrapped around a blue globe

12. Converse – Open circle with a blue star in the center

13. Rossignol – Solid red circle with a white letter “R”

14. Chevron – Blue and red shapes pointing downward

15. Kia – Red oval with a red letter “I” inside

16. Netflix – Solid red rectangle with the letters “N” and “X” inside in white lettering

17. Napster – Outline of a blue cat figure with green eyes and headphones

18. Pirelli – Large red “P”

19. Telefonica – Blue “T” with an underline

20. Chrysler – Wing pattern logo

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