Level 3 Part 2

Logos Quiz Answers Level 3 – Part 2 for iPad and iPhone

logo quiz answers level 3 part 2

1. Omega – Red Greek letter Omega

2. Nascar – Multicolored bar

3. Firestone – Red letter “F” inside a red shield

4. OPEL – Silver zigzag in a silver circle

5. Champion – White letter “C” with a red shaded semicircle on the left side

6. Dunkin Donuts – Outline of a coffee cup on a pink and orange background

7. Garmin – Black letters “IN” with a blue triangle above them

8. Budweiser – Dark red tie shape

9. Jack Daniels – Black lettering with the word Tennessee in the center

10. Taco Bell – Pink bell on a curved purple background

11. Warner Brothers – Black shield with the letters “WB” in the center

12. Virgin – Red letter “V” with a red streak

13. Baidu – Blue paw print with the letters “d” and “u” in the center

14. HBO – Two black circles that look like a target

15. Chupa Chups – Yellow emblem with a thin red border

16. United Nations – Blue map with grid lines

17. Fujitsu – Red “j” and “i”

18. Puma – Black outline of  a Puma

19. Shell – Yellow shell shape with a red border

20. Philips – Blue circle with a wavy line through the center and four plus signs

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Congratulations, you’re making great progress! Keep working at it until you get through all of the levels. Try to answer as many as you can without help and then refer back to the guide when you need help or run out of hints.

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