Level 3 Part 1


Logo Quiz Answers Level 3 Part 1 for iPhone and iPad

The first part of the game was pretty easy, now comes the real challenge! Try to keep your momentum going and get as many solutions as you can before you look at the cheat or rely on the hints for help.

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The correct answers to level 3 are shown in bold below:

1. Hot Wheels – Red flame

2. United Colors of Benetton – Green box with white lettering

3. Marlboro – Red box with an angled cut at the bottom

4. Greenpeace – Green letter “G”

5. Carhartt – Thick black swirl with a straight edge on the right side

6. AOL – tipped blue triangle with a white “O” in the center

7. UNESCO – Stacked navy blue lines with a white space in the center

8. FBI – Dark blue emblem with gold trim

9. Mountain Dew – Green letter “M” and red letter “W”

10. Sesame Street – Green outline of a sign with yellow trim

11. Qualcomm – Blue uppercase “Q” with a space followed by connected “Ms”

12. Fedex – Purple lowercase “d” and orange uppercase “E”

13. Amtrak – Three wavy blue streaks

14. American Eagle – Blue eagle

15. Yamaha – Silver and blue circle with a design in the center

16. Nvidia – Green box with a white and black swirls carved out of the left side

17. Tesco – Red letter “S” above a line of blue dashes

18. Daewoo – Curved silver shield

19. Post It – Series of orange and yellow boxes

20. CNN – Solid red vertical line with a thin white line through the center

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