Level 2 Part 2


Logos Quiz Answers Level 2 Part 2 for iPad and iPhone

logos quiz answers level 2 part 2

1. Suzuki – Bold red letter “S”

2. Verizon – Red check mark with lettering below

3. Monster – Jagged green letter “M”

4. Corona – Gold crown

5. Axa – Blue square with a white “X” and red line

6. Mercedes – Silver circle with a center emblem consisting of three points

7. Dacia – Silver shape that resembles a latch

8. Dakine – Black semicircle with a white outline that looks like a mountain

9. Kleenex – Blue connected “K” and “l”

10. Toyota – Red circle with two red ovals inside

11. Lotto – Black shape with a white diamond shape in the center

12. Sony – Black letter “Y”

13. Playstation – Red letter “P” standing up over a flat letter “S”

14. Cartoon Network – White “C” in a black box next to a black “N” in a white box

15. Pantene – Wavy gold lines

16. Aston Martin – Wings with a green bar

17. MSN – Blue, green, orange, and yellow butterfly

18. Rover – Black shield with a red and gold emblem inside

19. Lucasarts – Gold figure of a man

20. NASA – Blue circle with wavy red lines

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