Level 1


Logo Quiz Answers Level 1 for iPad and iPhone

The first level of the game starts with some of the most common company logos you see out in public, in TV advertisements, and encounter on the Internet.

There are a few that might be a little challenging but you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting most of these correct.

Remember that you are only seeing a partial logo so try to imagine what’s missing if you get stuck. It is important to keep in mind that there may be some differences in the order between the iPad, iPhone, and Android versions of the app.

The answer is in bold below with a description of the logo for reference.

Here are the answers for level 1:

1. HP – Blue rectangle with an open white circle in the middle

2. Nike - Black check mark

3. Michelin - White figure with black horizontal lines

4. IBM - Blue letter “M” with white horizontal lines

5. Barbie - Cursive uppercase letter “B”

6. Starbucks - Green circle with a graphic in the center

7. Citroen – Two silver upward pointing arrows

8. Calvin Klein - Letter “C and “K”

9. Quiksilver – Red square with white shapes in the center

10. Louis Vuitton – Overlapping capital letters “L” and “V”

11. Red Bull – Two bulls facing each other with an orange circle

12. L’Oreal – Uppercase “L” and “O”

13. Twitter – Blue bird

14. Amazon – White lowercase letter “a” on a black background with an orange arrow pointing right

15. Nissan – Silver circle with a line through the center

16. Nescafe – Black letter “N” with a line trailing to the right

17. Intel – Broken blue oval shape

18. Ebay – Red lowercase “e” with a green uppercase “Y”

19. Levis – Solid red shape with two curves on the bottom

20. Kelloggs - Cursive red letter “K”

More Solutions:

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Congratulations, you now have all of the answers to level 1 part 1 on Logos Quiz! As you work your way through the game, remember to conserve as many hints as you can for use when you really need them. Try to guess as many as you can and then refer back to the cheat for help.

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