Level 1 Part 2


Here are the answers for Logos Quiz Level 2

21. Pizza Hut – Red hat over a yellow line

22. Pringles – Face with a brown moustache and red bow tie

23. Flickr – Blue lowercase “k” and “r”

24. MTV – Bold black letter “M”

25. McDonalds – Gold “M” over a red square background

26. Skype – Blue cloud

27. Samsung – Dark blue oval with a white “G”

28. Reebok – Tilted white box with crossing blue streaks

29. Burger King – Blue semicircle with a split orange hamburger bun

30. Microsoft – Connecting black “O”and “S”

31. BMW – Black circle with blue and white pattern in the center

32. Volkswagen – White letter “V” stacked above a “W” inside a blue and white circle

33. Blockbuster – Solid blue movie ticket

34. Canon – Black letters “C” and “O”

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