Level 3 Part 3


  Logo Quiz Game Answers – Level 3 Part 3 for iPad and iPhone 1. Fila – Red and blue letter “f” 2.¬†Lays – Yellow and gold circle with a red banner 3.¬†Evian – Three blue triangles on top of a circle 4. John Deere – Yellow deer on a green background 5. Visa – […]

Level 3 Part 4

logo quiz answers level 3 part 4

  This game can be fun and frustrating at the same time! Are you starting to see a few that you don’t immediately recognize? This guide will help you get the right solutions to the final part of level 3 for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad versions of the app. Here are the Logos Quiz […]

Level 4 Part 1


  We hope our walkthrough is helpful! We want to provide game guides for the hottest new apps and mobile games. Please share your suggestions and tell us which ones you would like to see next. Here are the correct Logos Quiz answers for level 4 part 1 for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: […]